Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No Deaths from Vitamins - None at All in 27 Years

Over a twenty-seven year period, vitamin supplements have been alleged to have caused the deaths of a total of eleven people in the United States.

A new analysis of US poison control center annual report data indicates that there have, in fact, been no deaths whatsoever from vitamins…none at all, in the 27 years that such reports have been available.

The American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) attributes annual deaths to vitamins as follows:

2009: zero

2008: zero

2007: zero

2006: one

2005: zero

2004: two

2003: two

2002: one

2001: zero

2000: zero

1999: zero

1998: zero

1997: zero

1996: zero

1995: zero

1994: zero

1993: one

1992: zero

1991: two

1990: one

1989: zero

1988: zero

1987: one

1986: zero

1985: zero

1984: zero

1983: zero

Even if these figures are taken as correct, and even if they include intentional and accidental misuse, the number of alleged vitamin fatalities is strikingly low, averaging less than one death per year for over two and a half decades.

In 19 of those 27 years, AAPCC reports that there was not one single death due to vitamins. [1]

Still, the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service Editorial Board was curious: Did eleven people really die from vitamins? And if so, how?

Vitamins Not THE Cause of Death

In determining cause of death, AAPCC uses a four-point scale called Relative Contribution to Fatality (RCF).

A rating of 1 means "Undoubtedly Responsible"; 2 means "Probably Responsible"; 3 means "Contributory"; and 4 means "Probably Not Responsible."

In examining poison control data for the year 2006, listing one vitamin death, it was seen that the vitamin's Relative Contribution to Fatality (RCF) was a 4.

Since a score of "4" means "Probably Not Responsible," it quite negates the claim that a person died from a vitamin in 2006.

Vitamins Not A Cause of Death

In the other seven years reporting one or more of the remaining ten alleged vitamin fatalities, studying the AAPCC reports reveals an absence of any RCF rating for vitamins in any of those years.

If there is no Relative Contribution to Fatality at all, then the substance did not contribute to death at all.

Furthermore, in each of those remaining seven years, there is no substantiation provided to demonstrate that any vitamin was a cause of death.

If there is insufficient information about the cause of death to make a clear-cut declaration of cause, then subsequent assertions that vitamins cause deaths are not evidence-based.

Although vitamin supplements have often been blamed for causing fatalities, there is no evidence to back up this allegation.

Commentary by Andrew W. Saul and Jagan N. Vaman, M.D.


1. Download any Annual Report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers from 1983-2009 free of charge at:

(The "Vitamin" category is usually near the very end of the report.)

Most recent year: Bronstein AC, Spyker DA, Cantilena LR Jr, Green JL, Rumack BH, Giffin SL. 2009 Annual Report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers' National Poison Data System (NPDS): 27th Annual Report. Clinical Toxicology (2010). 48, 979-1178. The full text article is available for free download at:

The vitamin data mentioned above will be found in Table 22B.

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  1. Over 100,000 people a year die from prescription medicines according to the latest data. Why don't we hear about his in the mainstream media? Why are they always carping about the alleged dangers of vitamins and nutritional supplements?

  2. Anon, it's because the mainstream media gets hundreds of millions of dollars annually in advertising revenue from Big Pharma. They're not about to bite the hand that feeds them!