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Pharmaceutical Drugs 62,000 Times More Likely to Kill You than Supplements

According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition, 69 percent of American adults take nutritional supplements. But are supplements dangerous? The UK-based, international campaign group, the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl) recently revealed data showing that compared to supplements, an individual is:

·       Around 900 times more likely to die from food poisoning

·       Nearly 300,000 times more likely to die from a preventable medical injury during a UK hospital stay, which is comparable to the individual risk of dying that active military face in Iraq or Afghanistan

Additionally, the data shows that adverse reactions to pharmaceutical drugs are:

·       62,000 times more likely to kill you than food supplements

·       7,750 times more likely to kill you than herbal remedies

The data, which was collected from official sources in the UK and EU, demonstrate that both food supplements and herbal remedies are in the 'super-safe' category of individual risk – meaning risk of death from their consumption is less than 1 in 10 million. The group has created an excellent graphic3 showing your relative risk of death from a variety of activities. Besides drugs and hospital injuries, you're also more likely to die from being struck by lightning or drowning in your bathtub than having a lethal reaction to herbs or supplements...

According to the featured article on

"ANH-Intl executive and scientific director, Robert Verkerk PhD, hailed the figures as shedding new light on the vexed question of natural healthcare's safety. "These figures tell us not only what activities an individual is most or least likely to die from, but also what the relative risks of various activities are to society as a whole. It puts some real perspective on the actual risk of death posed by food supplements and herbal remedies at a time when governments are clamping down because they tell us they're dangerous.

... According to Dr Verkerk, the new figures should help to pressure UK and European authorities to reduce regulatory burdens on natural health products."

With a Super-Safe Track Record, Why are Supplements Under Attack?

Vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements have a tremendously safe track record, yet they are often singled out as being potentially dangerous by government agencies like the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This – the notion that dietary supplements are unsafe -- was the premise behind the FDA's Draft Guidance on New Dietary Ingredients (NDI), which would have required the supplement industry to prove the safety of natural ingredients that, in many cases, have been on the market and used safely for decades!

Fortunately, public outcry made the agency agree to take another look at their proposed guidance and to issue a revised draft. It's still not known when the revisions might be completed.

The original NDI draft essentially claimed dietary supplements are unsafe and must be carefully tested in order to "protect consumers." The proposed safety thresholds even exceeded those required by pharmaceutical drugs -- despite extensive toxicological data showing supplements are FAR safer than drugs. As detailed above, drugs are 62,000 times more likely to kill you than supplements!  Why on earth would supplements need more stringent safety thresholds than drugs?

It's an obvious attempt to eliminate competition for the drug industry.

Data from the United States fully corroborates the featured UK data. For example, according to the latest data from the US National Poison Data System (2010 report), NO deaths were attributable to vitamin and mineral supplements that year. And, as noted by Orthomolecular Medicine News Service last year, Americans easily take more than 60 billion doses of nutritional supplements every year, and with zero related deaths this is an outstanding safety record:

"Well over half of the U.S. population takes daily nutritional supplements. Even if each of those people took only one single tablet daily, that makes 165,000,000 individual doses per day, for a total of over 60 billion doses annually. Since many persons take far more than just one single vitamin or mineral tablet, actual consumption is considerably higher, and the safety of nutritional supplements is all the more remarkable. Over 60 billion doses of vitamin and mineral supplemnts per year in the USA, and not a single fatality. Not one. If vitamin and mineral supplements are allegedly so 'dangerous,' as the FDA and news media so often claim, then where are the bodies?"

The Drug Industry is the Real Health Threat

In striking contrast, drugs are known to cause well over 125,000 deaths per year in the US when taken correctly as prescribed – yet the FDA allows fast-track approvals and countless new additions of poorly tested drugs to the marketplace that must later be withdrawn due to their lethal consequences.

It is simply incomprehensible that any rational approach would seek to vilify supplements over drugs when the data in no way, shape or form supports it. The most likely motive for this position is financial greed that can put your life in jeopardy. According to the US National Poison Data System the following drug categories are among the most lethal:

1. Analgesics, sedatives, hypnotics, and antipsychotics

2. Cardiovascular drugs

3. Opioids

4. Acetaminophen combinations

5. Antidepressants

Slightly lower down on the list you find drugs like muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory drugs, hormones, antacids, anticoagulants, and antihistamines.

Time to Start a New "Just say NO!" Anti-Drug Movement

The anti-drug slogan coined by Nancy Reagan in the early 1980's is just as applicable for today's prescription drug problem as the recreational drug problem of the past. The only difference is that today prescription drugs have eclipsed illicit drugs as the number one source of poisoning deaths. Prescription drugs have also been identified as the primary "gateway" to illegal drug use, beating out marijuana, alcohol and cigarettes.

According to a July 6 press release:

"... Since 2000, the drugs sending people to their graves or to rehab have been shifting away from illicit drugs and toward prescription drugs. The 2011 report on the subject from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made it clear: prescription narcotic pain reliever overdose deaths now exceed the number of deaths from heroin and cocaine combined.

... 'Our own clients and people calling in daily for information about our program or help have told us story after story about addictions starting with the use of prescription drugs,' stated Derry Hallmark, Director of Admissions at Narconon Arrowhead, a premier drug rehab facility in Southeastern Oklahoma. 'Sadly, prescription medications have become the newest of the gateway drugs. Sadder still are the losses of life and other severe consequences that go hand in hand with drug abuse, which is especially the case with prescription drug abuse.'

Hallmark adds that those addicted to prescriptions will often end up needing treatment or will even start taking illicit drugs. One of the most common examples of this is the connection between those addicted to painkillers that then start taking heroin..."

It's important to understand that there is a risk of side effects every time you take a prescription drug. No one (except for those who intentionally overdose) expects these medications to kill them, but they can do just that, and it happens far more often than you might think. In a 2011 report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA), officials emphasized that people should not assume there's no risk in prescribed medicines.

The truth is, the best  way to avoid all risk, including death, from prescription drugs is to not take them at all. Remember, it's your body, not your doctor's and not your pharmacist's, so it is up to you to make the decision of what drugs to take, if any. Be SURE you are aware of the risks of any medication prescribed to you, and weigh them against any possible benefit. Then you can make a well-informed decision of whether it's a risk you're willing to take.

Optimizing Your Health Without Drugs

Of course, of paramount importance is taking control of your health so you can stay well naturally, without the use of drugs or even frequent conventional medical care. If you adhere to a healthy lifestyle, you most likely will never need medications in the first place.

This includes:

1.  Proper Food Choices

For a comprehensive guide on which foods to eat and which to avoid, see my nutrition plan. Generally speaking, you should be looking to focus your diet on whole, unprocessed foods (vegetables, meats, raw dairy, nuts, and so forth) that come from healthy, sustainable, local sources, such as a small organic farm not far from your home.

For the best nutrition and health benefits, you will want to eat a good portion of your food raw, and make sure you're sourcing your meats and animal products from organically-raised, grass-fed or pastured animals.

Nearly as important as knowing which foods to eat more of is knowing which foods to avoid, and topping the list is fructose. Sugar, and fructose in particular, acts as a toxin in and of itself, and as such drive multiple disease processes in your body, not the least of which is insulin resistance, a major cause of accelerated aging.

2.  Comprehensive Exercise Program, including High-Intensity Exercise like Peak Fitness

Even if you're eating the healthiest diet in the world, you still need to exercise to reach the highest levels of health, and you need to be exercising effectively, which means including not only core-strengthening exercises, strength training, and stretching but also high-intensity activities into your rotation. High-intensity interval-type training boosts human growth hormone (HGH) production, which is essential for optimal health, strength and vigor. I've discussed the importance of Peak Fitness for your health on numerous occasions, so for more information, please review this previous article.

3.  Stress Reduction and Positive Thinking

You cannot be optimally healthy if you avoid addressing the emotional component of your health and longevity, as your emotional state plays a role in nearly every physical disease -- from heart disease and depression, to arthritis and cancer. Effective coping mechanisms are a major longevity-promoting factor in part because stress has a direct impact on inflammation, which in turn underlies many of the chronic diseases that kill people prematurely every day. Energy psychology tools such as the Emotional Freedom Technique, meditation, prayer, social support and exercise are all viable options that can help you maintain emotional and mental equilibrium.

4.  Proper Sun Exposure to Optimize Vitamin D

We have long known that it is best to get your vitamin D from sun exposure, and if at all possible, I strongly urge you to make sure you're getting out in the sun on a daily basis. There is preliminary evidence suggesting that oral vitamin D may not provide the identical benefits, although it's still better than none at all. To determine the times of year that you can optimize your vitamin D levels through sun exposure, please see this previous article.

5.  Take High Quality Animal-Based Omega-3 Fats

Animal-based omega-3 found in krill oil helps fight and prevent heart disease, cancer, depression, Alzheimer's, arthritis, diabetes, hyperactivity and many other diseases.

6.  Avoid as Many Chemicals, Toxins, and Pollutants as Possible

This includes tossing out your toxic household cleaners, soaps, personal hygiene products, air fresheners, bug sprays, lawn pesticides, and insecticides, just to name a few, and replacing them with non-toxic alternatives.


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Vitamin D Prevents Cavities Better Than Fluoride (Without the Risks)

The link between adequate vitamin D levels and increased cavity prevention is long established, with documentation as far back as the Civil War demonstrating the effect of natural sunlight exposure on dental health.

Fluoride, which is currently pushed by the government and some mainstream health organizations as a powerful anti-cavity measure, has an even larger amount of scientific research highlighting its negative benefits such as reduced IQ and cancer.

Furthermore, it has been found that fluoride does not effectively prevent cavities.

In a report of men rejected from the Civil War draft for lost teeth, a distinction was made between those who received adequate amounts of vitamin D-generating sunlight and those who did not.

Only 8 per 100 men from Kentucky suffered from lost teeth, while the number jumped to 25 out of 100 New England men found to have missing teeth.

Of course the increased sunlight allows for optimum vitamin D production, which in northern areas is not possible during many parts of the year.

It was Clarence Mills and Bion East who first conducted studies over geographical location and the prevalence of sunlight exposure back in the 1930s.

The study observed young males between 12 and 14 from a cross-section survey taken between 1933 and 1934. East found that cavities were inversely related to mean hours of annual sunlight and subsequent vitamin D levels.

The subjects living in the west, where vitamin D production and sunlight are at higher levels, averaged 3,000 hours of sunlight per year and half as many cavities as those in the northeast.

The study found that northeastern participants averaged less than 2,200 hours of annual sunlight, leading to significantly less vitamin D production.

Another interesting fact is that vitamin D also attacks oral bacteria, due to the production of a polypeptide known as cathelicidin, which is made in addition to vitamin D by your body in response to direct sunlight.

Meanwhile studies have been documenting how your drinking water may be giving you cancer, reducing your IQ, and causing other health problems.

The reason for this is the presence of fluoride in the drinking water, a substance which a 2010 study published in the Environmental Health Perspectives found to decrease IQ in children.

Shockingly, over 24 studies have confirmed the link between fluoride consumption and decreased cognitive function.

However fluoride also wreaks havoc on other parts of the body, with 100 animal studies linking fluoride to an increase in male infertility, diabetes, and other diseases.

Vitamin D is not only naturally produced by the body in response to sunlight, but it comes with 0 side effects when properly utilized.

Preventing cavities through sunlight exposure and vitamin D3 supplementation is a very simple and effective method. Fluoride, on the other hand, not only does not adequately prevent cavities but will heavily damage your body and increase your risk of cancer.

Keep in mind that in many areas vitamin D production during winter months is very limited, so it may be necessary to supplement with around 5 to 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily. The only way to know for sure if your vitamin D levels are optimal is to have your blood tested.



2. Lewis JR. Exemptions from military service on account of loss of teeth. Dental Cosmos 1865; 7:240-2. (in East BR. Some epidemiological aspect of tooth decay. Am J Pub Health 1942; 32:1424-50).

3. McBeath EW, Zucker TF. The Role of vitamin D in the control of dental caries in children. J Nutrition 1938; 15:6.



6. Cheng YX, IQ of children in areas of high fluorine content, Chinese Journal of Control of Endemic Diseases,Supplement 1991.

7. J Epidemiol (CL8), 1996 Dec; 6 (4): 184-91

8. Avioli LV. Fluoride treatment of osteoporosis. Postgrad Med: a special report, 14 Sept 1987:26-27.


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California Requires Ridiculous Warning Labels on DHEA and Pregnenolone In Order to Scare Consumers

They’re safe, effective, and backed by decades of solid research. So why has California made their sale illegal unless accompanied by a scary and verbose warning label?

Both pregnenolone and DHEA are naturally produced “parent” hormones to a variety of other hormones, including the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, as well as hormones vital for controlling blood mineral content and metabolism. And both DHEA and pregnenolone have a number of startling benefits.

Pregnenolone aids in the development of new brain cells, produces significant improvements in both depression and schizophrenia, and shows promise in mitigating memory loss and even some of the abnormal structures in Alzheimer’s disease.

DHEA supplementation helps create improvements in muscle strength and bone mineral density, with a reduction in body fat mass, and there is substantial support for DHEA supplementation in adrenal insufficiency, hypopituitarism, osteoporosis, systemic lupus, depression, schizophrenia, and balancing the overproduction of cortisol produced by excessive stress. Too much cortisol ages us rapidly; a little extra DHEA can make all the difference.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive scientific research (last year alone, 380 new papers were published about DHEA), and despite their having been shown to be both safe and effective in decades of continued use by millions of people, California now mandates a warning on both DHEA and pregnenolone saying, in a lengthy text, that exceeding recommended serving may cause “serious adverse health effects” like rapid heartbeat, dizziness, blurred vision, or seizure.

Such a warning will scare consumers away from these important supplements. No peer-reviewed studies have ever shown that DHEA or pregnenolone are associated with rapid heartbeat, dizziness, or blurred vision. No published studies have shown any risk of seizure from pregnenolone supplementation unless the patient already had a history of seizures.

Research on pregnenolone began in the 1930s. Studies in the 1940s showed that pregnenolone was effective on autoimmune disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis. But it was discarded when Merck’s newly introduced pharmaceutical agent, cortisone, was announced as a cure-all for rheumatoid arthritis in 1949. Sound familiar?

If you are a California resident, please contact your legislators and ask them to create an exemption for DHEA and pregnenolone in Section 110423(b) of the California Health and Safety Code.


Click THIS LINK ( to go to the Action Alert page.

Once there, fill out the form with your name and address, etc., and customize your letter. We have a suggested message for you, but please feel free to add your own comments to the letter.


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Boost Cancer-Fighting Properties of Broccoli By Adding Wasabi or Horseradish

Spicing up broccoli with horseradish or wasabi can enhance the vegetable’s cancer-fighting properties, according to researchers.

Scientists say overcooking broccoli instead of lightly steaming it affects its cancer-fighting properties, but these can be revived by adding horseradish or the spicy Japanese equivalent, both of which contain the enzyme myrosinase.

Professor Elizabeth Jeffery, a nutritionist at Illinois University, said spicing up broccoli increased absorption in the upper part of the digestion system, boosting its impact.

She said: ‘Spice up your broccoli with mustard, horseradish or wasabi. The spicier, the better.’

In the study, when fresh broccoli sprouts were eaten with broccoli powder, the scientists measured bioactive compounds in the blood 30 minutes later.

When these peaked at three hours, they were much higher when the foods were eaten together than when eaten alone.

Broccoli powder does not contain myrosinase, but it does contain the precursor to the anti-cancer agent sulforaphane.

But when eaten together, the sprouts were able to lend their myrosinase to the powder.

Both foods produced sulforaphane and provided greater anti-cancer benefit, Professor Jeffery said.

Other foods that will boost broccoli’s benefits include radishes, cabbage and watercress.

Urine samples corroborated the blood results, according to Jenna Cramer, lead author of the study published in the British Journal of Nutrition .

'However, this study shows that even if broccoli is overcooked, you can still boost its benefits by pairing it with another food that contains myrosinase,' she said.

As predicted, both foods produced sulforaphane and provided greater anti-cancer benefit, Jeffery said.

Other foods that will boost broccoli's benefits if they are paired together include radishes, cabbage, arugula, watercress, and Brussels sprouts.

'Here's another benefit of protecting and enhancing the myrosinase in your foods,' Jeffery said.

'If myrosinase is present, sulforaphane is released in the ilium, the first part of your digestive system. Absorption happens well and quickly there, which is why we saw bioactivity in 30 minutes.'

Scientists say that as little as three to five servings of broccoli a week provide a cancer-protective benefit.

'But it pays to spice it up for added benefits and find ways to make it appealing so you don't mind eating it if you're not a broccoli fan. I add fresh broccoli sprouts to sandwiches and add them as one of my pizza toppings after the pie is out of the oven,' Cramer said.


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Daily Vitamin B Pill Can Help Stave Off Alzheimer's Disease

The tablet, containing high doses of B vitamins and folic acid, reduced memory decline by 70 per cent in some elderly people.

It also halved the rate of brain shrinkage in some patients - a physical symptom associated with forgetfulness that can lead to full blown Alzheimer's disease.

More than 800,000 people in Britain suffer from dementia and the number is forecast to double within a generation, but previous drug trials have been unsuccessful.

In future people could be tested for vitamin B levels in middle age and alter their diet to boost their chances of remaining healthy, researchers said.

A full scale national trial to establish whether the breakthrough can actually delay the slide into Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia is expected to begin within the next year.

Dr Celeste de Jager of Oxford University, who led the trial, said the trial had "definitively" shown that the vitamins were a good way of preventing mental decline.

Speaking at the British Science Festival, she said: "A lot of the time brain changes start in your forties and fifties before you get clinical symptoms.

"I would think that in middle age people should start thinking about their vitamin levels."

People should not begin taking supplements without consulting their doctor because they can have a harmful impact on other conditions such as cancer, she added.

Asked if she would take the vitamins as a precaution, Dr de Jager said: "I would ask the doctor to check my B12 and my folic acid levels for starters.

"I take supplements when I'm feeling a bit low, I don't take one every day but I would certainly have multi-vitamins and B vitamins in my cupboard."

Researchers recruited 270 people aged 70 and above who suffered from lapses in memory known as mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

The condition affects 1.5 million people in Britain, or one in six people aged over 70, and half of all sufferers slip into dementia within five years of being diagnosed.

The new treatment targets a compound in the bloodstream called homocysteine which is produced naturally by the body but reaches higher levels in old age.

It damages the lining of blood vessels and leads to shrinkage of the brain, causing an increased risk of Alzheimer's as well as stroke and heart disease.

Half of patients were given pills containing extremely high doses of vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid, which are known to lower blood homocysteine levels, while the rest were given a placebo.

At several points during the study patients were given a simple verbal memory task in which they learnt a list of 12 words and required to recall them 20 minutes later.

After the first year, those with the highest levels of homocysteine were 70 per cent more likely to give a correct answer if they had been taking the vitamins than if they took the placebo.

There was little difference in memory rates between patients with below average levels of homocysteine regardless of which pills they took.

This indicated that normal amounts of the compound do not affect brain function.

Scans of patients' brains showed that the vitamin pills reduced shrinkage by 30 per cent on average, rising to 50 per cent among patients with high homocysteine levels.

"The higher the homocysteine level in the blood, the better the response was on treatment," Dr de Jager said.

"We need more research to show that we can actually delay the decline to dementia."

The doses of vitamins patients were given were far higher than those found in vitamin supplements or in food, she added.

For example the pills contained 20mg of vitamin B6, which is found in meat, whole grains, nuts and bananas and for which the recommended daily allowance is 1.4mg for men and 1.2mg for women.

An Alzheimer's Society spokesperson said: "We all know it’s important to get enough vitamins.

"However, people shouldn’t rush out and empty the shelves of vitamin B tablets. More research is needed to establish whether it has benefits for people without existing memory problems, and if it could prevent dementia."


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A Sure-FireNatural Cure for Memory Loss

Is there really a way to reverse memory loss and restore mental clarity, simply by triggering the brain cells to produce more ATP?

What If I told you this safe, natural substance has been a prescription memory drug in Europe for over 20 years, but much to the chagrin of the FDA, it can now be sold in the U.S. as a dietary supplement?.

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for

As the famous cowboy movie star John Wayne grew older, he appeared sharp as a tack in his television appearances and movie rolls. But privately, he complained of memory loss.

What was particularly aggravating to him was his growing inability to remember the names of people - sometimes even people close to him.

As the story goes, one day he was attending a football game with his best friend of over 30 years and director of many of his movies, John Ford.

As he looked across the stands, he saw two acquaintances coming toward him. He was thrilled that he remembered both of their names, and would be able to introduce them to Ford without embarrassing himself.

"Bob, Mary," he exclaimed with obvious relish and a sweeping gesture of his hand as they approached their seats near his, "I'd like you to meet..."

And then his voice trailed off as he realized he had just forgotten the name of his best friend....John Ford.

The Safe, All-Natural Cure for Memory Loss

Were John Wayne still alive today, he'd be very happy to know that a safe, all-natural solution for mild to moderate memory loss is now available.

This supplement is called Vinpocetine, and it is widely known for its astonishing ability to boost brain power by increasing levels of cellular ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in the brain...

...which in turn helps enhance concentration and retention, and sharpen mental focus and performance without any significant negative side effects.

Bernd Wollschlaeger, M.D., a Florida-based board-certified family physician who is also the associate editor of the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association (JANA), says Vinpocetine is one of the mainstays of his practice when it comes to patients complaining of memory loss and mild cognitive impairment.

According to Dr. Wollschlaeger:

"All of the peer-reviewed studies I've seen found a significant improvement in cognitive function with Vinpocetine.

Until Vinpocetine, we physicians have had nothing to prevent cognitive decline. We only have drugs to treat after the fact. With safe, natural Vinpocetine, patients see comparatively rapid improvement in memory functions as well as enhancement of learning and recall and overall alertness. Results are often seen in only seven to ten days.

We don't have to wait four or six or eight weeks, like with Gingko Biloba, to see results. What's more, there have been more than 100 clinical studies conducted on Vinpocetine, with over 30,000 patients, proving its safety and effectiveness."

Viagra for the Brain

According to Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D., author of the popular book, Mind Boosters: A Guide to Natural Supplements that Enhance Your Mind, Memory, and Mood,

"Vinpocetine is chemically related to and derived from vincamine, a natural alkaloid found in the periwinkle plant.

It was introduced into clinical practice in Europe more than two decades ago for its highly beneficial role in cerebrovascular disorders and related symptoms.

But because it is derived from natural sources it is now widely used in the U.S. as a nutritional supplement for memory support and cognitive enhancement."

Dr. Ward Dean, M.D., co-author of the bestselling books Smart Drugs and Nutrients and Smart Drugs II, says Vinpocetine is like "Viagra for the brain."

He states "It's one of the few cognitive enhancers that I actually notice a distinctly positive and uplifting difference when I take it."

Dr. Dean says that Vinpocetine facilitates cerebral metabolism by improving cerebral microcirculation (i.e., blood flow to, and throughout, the brain).

"What's more," he notes, "In brain cells it steps up the production of ATP, the cellular energy molecule, and increases utilization of glucose and oxygen, the brain's two most critical fuels."

According to Dr. Steven Bratman, M.D., director of The Natural Pharmacist in Fort Collins, CO, and author of the Natural Health Encyclopedia and The Natural Health Bible:

"Vinpocetine aids memory and mental function, not only with mild memory loss and age-related cognitive impairment, but also with Alzheimer's and related conditions. Most people begin to notice clearer, sharper thinking and recall within a few short days to a few short weeks time."

In her book, Vinpocetine: Boost Your Brain Power With Periwinkle Extract, author Dr. Beth M. Ley writes:

"Research shows that Vinpocetine provides an astonishing array of benefits. It has a very powerful stimulating effect on memory.

In Europe, it is often used for the treatment of cerebral circulatory disorders that can cause such symptoms as memory loss, stroke, dizziness and even cerebro-vestibular (inner-ear) problems.

Vinpocetine has even been demonstrated to improve visual acuity - that is to say, eyesight - in 70% of subjects tested."

Science writer James South, M.A. notes that recent medical research demonstrates Vinpocetine's almost miraculous ability to boost the quality of thinking and planning carried out by the cerebral cortex. He writes:

"Another key benefit from Vinpocetine derives from its activating effect on the noradrenaline nerve cluster in the reticular activating system called the locus coeruleus.

Olpe and co-workers have shown that Vinpocetine is one of the most effective activators of locus coeruleus neurons, thus making it a true 'cognition enhancing' agent."

Proven to Boost Memory, Enhance Cognitive Function and Reduce Dementia

According to Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D., an ardent Vinpocetine advocate, "There have been quite a few studies demonstrating the positive effects of Vinpocetine on brain function."

For example, he notes that:

"Researchers at the University of Surrey in England administered Vinpocetine to patients suffering from mild to moderate dementia.

In this placebo-controlled, randomized double-blind trial 203 patients received Vinpocetine every day for 16 weeks. They were given either 10 mg. doses of Vinpocetine three times a day, 20 mg. doses of Vinpocetine three times a day, or placebo three times a day.

Significant cognitive improvements were found in the active treatment groups compared to the placebo groups.

Interestingly, the patients on the 10 mg. doses performed even better than those on the higher 20 mg. doses."

What's more, according to Dr. Sahelian:

"In another double blind clinical trial, Vinpocetine was shown to offer significant improvement in elderly patients with chronic cerebral dysfunction.

Forty-two patients received 10 mg. of Vinpocetine three times a day for thirty days, then 5 mg. three times a day for sixty days.

Matching placebo tablets were given to another forty patients for the ninety-day trial period. Patients on Vinpocetine scored consistently better in all cognitive evaluations."

Other studies have demonstrated Vinpocetine's astonishing beneficial effects for stroke victims.

For example, one study demonstrated a 42% reduction in brain injury for stroke patients who were given Vinpocetine [Acta Pharm Hung. 2002;72(2):84-91].

And another study demonstrated that Vinpocetine interrupts the various stages of the ischemic cascade during strokes, meaning it helps prevent the ongoing damage to the brain that results from the stroke itself [Ideggyogy Sz. 2003 May 20;56(5-6):166-72].

How Vinpocetine Works to Boost
Your Memory and Mental Clarity

George Foss, a long-time consultant to the nutritional supplement industry, and former general manager of Kayser Nutrition, explains how Vinpocetine works, and why it has become the world's #1 best-selling all-natural brain-boosting supplement:

"Vinpocetine's astonishing beneficial effects on memory, recall and mental acuity occur principally because of its ability to bring age-related declines in the cellular energy functions of the brain back to more youthful levels. It does so by literally nourishing the brain.

First, it increases blood flow to the brain through mild dilation of the blood vessels, which in turn dramatically boosts glucose and oxygen uptake by the brain's 100 billion neurons.

The neurons thrive on this increased glucose and oxygen, which in turn is used to produce prodigious quantities of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, which is pure cellular energy.

This increased production of ATP within the brain quite rapidly boosts the metabolism, or energy activity of the entire brain back to the levels of a young adult.

Finally, this increased energy activity triggers two crucial functions in the brain: increased cell-to-cell communication for quicker thinking, and repair and/or replacement of damaged brain cells for optimal brain function."

Experts say Vinpocetine boosts the circulation of oxygen-rich and glucose-rich blood to the brain so effectively it almost immediately results in a vastly increased ability to concentrate and focus.

In fact, in one recent clinical study, 62% of healthy subjects exhibited significant short-term memory improvement only one hour after taking 40 mg. of Vinpocetine. [Eur J Clin Pharmacol1985;28(5):567-71].

What's more, recent research has demonstrated that Vinpocetine also boosts circulation of oxygen-rich blood to the eyes, thereby improving vision and eyesight disorders.

In one study, Vinpocetine improved vision in 88% of test subjects [Arzneimittelforschung 1976;26(10a): 1969-72].

Vinpocetine also aids in the delivery of oxygen saturated blood to the inner ear, improving hearing as well as alleviating many inner-ear problems including tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and vertigo (dizziness) [AF DR 28, 1977-80].

Get that Extra Mental Edge

So if you're like me and you feel the need for that extra mental edge from time to time...

... or if you're reaching that age where you notice your cognitive abilities are slipping a bit and you want to provide your body with the nutrition it needs to get you back on top of your mental game...

... then you just might want to try safe, natural Vinpocetine.

Its long-term safety has been demonstrated in medical studies to be second to none. And with over 100 medical studies backing it up, you can rest assured of its effectiveness.

How to Use Vinpocetine

Most clinical trials on Vinpocetine have involved the use of doses ranging from 10 to 30 mg. per day.

These studies have demonstrated that while lower doses of 10 to 20 mg. per day can be very helpful, in virtually every case it has been the 30 mg. per day dosage (i.e., 10 mg. taken three times a day) that has exerted the greatest therapeutic benefits in terms of boosting memory, concentration and mental acuity.

While the beneficial effects of Vinpocetine are quite noticeable after only a few days of use (many people literally "feel the difference" the very first day)...

... the full range of therapeutic benefits associated with Vinpocetine usage are often not derived until it has been used on a daily basis for a full 90 days.

In other words, while you'll notice increased mental energy almost immediately, the effects actually get better and better over the course of the first 90 days of use, as damaged areas of the brain are healed, and stronger cell-to-cell communication in the brain is established.

Where to Find Pure, Pharmaceutical-Grade Vinpocetine at a Great Price!

Targeted Nutrients is perhaps the world's best source for Vinpocetine.

That's because we supply the significantly higher-quality pharmaceutical-grade Vinpocetine straight from Europe, instead of the inferior Chinese-produced Vinpocetine found in most health food stores today.

This is the same pure, high-grade European Vinpocetine that has been demonstrated in clinical trials throughout western Europe to boost memory, mental clarity and re-call by up to 62%!

While pure, pharmaceutical-grade Vinpocetine is generally more expensive, frequently selling for $39.95/bottle for just 30 capsules...

...for the next 10 days only the good folks at Targeted Nutrients are offering a one-time-only special get-acquainted savings for readers of this ezine who may want to try Vinpocetine and see for themselves what a powerful cognitive-enhancer it really is.

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Keep in mind this special get-acquainted offer on Vinpocetine from Targeted Nutrients is available only for the next 10 days. So please don't delay.

And remember, this is the European-produced, therapeutic-quality Vinpocetine - not the cheap stuff from China that's never been used in clinical studies, yet is sold by a number of unscrupulous online vendors as if it were the real thing!

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Worth Trying for the Mental Lift Alone!

So if you or a loved one is experiencing mild memory loss or cognitive decline to any degree, or if you just want to give yourself a nice mental lift from time to time, you owe it to yourself to try this safe, powerful nutritional supplement.

Even people who are not experiencing memory loss or age-related slowdown in mental acuity find that the occasional use of Vinpocetine gives them an added mental edge that is well worth the small cost.

I strongly urge you to pick up at least three or four bottles while this special money-saving offer is still in effect. But remember, this special offer is available only for the next 10 days, so please act quickly and decisively while the special discount pricing is still available!

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P.S. Read What These Satisfied Vinpocetine Users Are Saying About Their Improved Memory and Mental Clarity!

"The Day I Tried Vinpocetine My Memory Was Better!"

"I recently turned 50, which is not a bad thing except that I began having 'senior moments', where I'd stand in the center of the room trying to remember why I was in there. And, I started losing things, such as looking for my pot holders or keys and finding them in an unusual place...I was walking around with items in my hands and putting them down in inappropriate places. I'd always been very mentally sharp, with a great memory and the ability to multitask without losing track and to get everything done, and done efficiently and well. Now I spent half of my time looking for things. Something had to change.

I tried various 'memory' products, but I was unimpressed. The day I tried Vinpocetine my memory was better. After two days I could actually add a column of figures in my head, and remember multiple phone numbers without looking them up. I was impressed, this is the one product that worked. I mentioned this to my peri-menopausal and post menopausal friends and they were astonished, as it had been many years since they could add a column of complex numbers without writing them down. They tried Vinpocetine and they were as impressed and excited as I was...and still am."

-- M.W., Nevada City CA

"Ability to Focus on Complex Challenges Restored; Got a Promotion and Raise!"

"As I approached 50 years of age there was no more denying it; my short term memory was suffering. I fumbled daily (sometimes hourly) trying to remember the events of just two days prior! In fact, I could vaguely remember the past two weeks. Not only had this become extremely frustrating, it was downright humiliating. Then, nothing short of a miracle happened!

While researching memory problems on the internet, I came across information on Vinpocetine from Targeted Nutrients and decided to try it. To be honest; I didn't think it would work. But after just one week of taking Vinpocetine, I was shocked with my results. Not only had my memory improved, but repetitive menial tasks became second nature again! To my surprise, I was able to focus on complex challenges at work with ease. My production and managerial skills accelerated to levels I had not experienced in several years. Do to my new found vigor, I even received a promotion at work...and with a substantial raise!

Thank you Targeted Nutrients for giving me my memory and problem solving skills back!"

-- Harold H., Barstow, CA.

P.S. I'm so impressed with the results of Vinpocetine, I've ordered several other products from Targeted Nutrients with similar mind-blowing results!

Stays More Focused at Work

"This is to let you know the Vinpocetine has helped me during my working hours to stay more focused and on track as I do a lot of data entry and special projects. Thanks so much for this product!"

-- Bee in Oregon

Quickness of Mind and Better Recall

"I read about Vinpocetine and decided to try it. My problem was not being able to quickly recall names. I tried Vinpocetine and within one month I noticed a quickness of mind to recall and to think creatively. It's a great product!"

-- G.M., Hot Springs, AR

"Uplifting...Mentally Stimulating"...Felt Better After the Very First Capsule!

"Last year, I was under a lot of pressure at work and at college. I wasn't enjoying my job, and was extremely stressed. Worst of all, I was always mentally exhausted. I got a D for the first time in one of my college classes, because I just couldn't focus or concentrate like I needed to. My clarity of thought was gone.

That's when my uncle told me about Vinpocetine from The Silver Edge. He said it had helped him with the severe mental fatigue (he called it "brain fog") he had experienced directly after a surgery. So I got some Vinpocetine and started taking it.

Right away, after the very first capsule, I felt better. Vinpocetine actually worked better than anything the doctors had given me --especially since all they prescribed were antibiotics, even though I wasn't sick, just mentally fatigued. The Vinpocetine had a very uplifting, mentally stimulating effect. It allowed me to think more clearly and focus on the complex issues I had to deal with at the time, both at college and at work. I only took the Vinpocetine a few times a week over a period of several months. But it really made a big difference, and believe me I wouldn't hesitate to use it again if I needed it."

-- C.W., Denver CO

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