Monday, August 22, 2011

How To Make Your Own Homeopathic Remedy

Ever been sick and wish you had a way to make your own highly effective homeopathic remedy, quickly, easily and in the comfort and privacy of your own home? Here’s what this expert on homeopathy recommends…

What’s the value of knowing this? It’s immense! If you’re sea sick, you can make a remedy out of sea water; if you’re sick from vacationing in Mexico, you can make a remedy out of the local water that’s probably causing your ills; if the polluted air or pollens in the air are causing your problem, put a saucer of water outside for a few hours or days and let it collect whatever is in the air, and then make a remedy out of it.

The possibilities are endless; in fact, when you’re desperate, and you’ve seemingly tried everything, there’s your own body to make remedies from: your discharges, your urine, your blood–you’re never really without remedies, are you?

So now, if you’re ready, here are the directions:

Get a small bottle of spring water (but in an emergency any water will do), the exact amount of water or the size of the bottle is not relevant. I always say a small bottle because small is cheapest. So, an 8 ounce or 12 ounce bottle, let’s say. Pour half the water out (but save the water, don’t pour it down the drain).

Now you have half a bottle of water. Pour in a small amount of what you’re trying to make a remedy of–let’s say for the sake of argument that you want to make “Homeopathic Pepsi Cola”; therefore, your water bottle should now consist of a solution of 90% water and 10% Pepsi–there’s no need to be fussy about your percentages–just guess at what 10% might be.

“Succuss” this solution (pound the bottle into your opposite palm) 40 times and after having done that, get a piece of paper and write down “Pepsi 1X”–meaning that you now have Pepsi in the 1X potency, this means you’ve done a one-in-ten dilution with 40 succussions and you’ve done it just once.

Now pour out 90% of this solution–again, no need to be fussy– and refill half way with spring or distilled water, succuss 40 times, and write down “2X” (meaning you’ve now dumped out, refilled, and succussed 40 times, twice).

Now pour out 90% again and refill half way with water again and succuss 40 times again and write down “3X” this time. Keep doing this til you’ve reached either a 6X or a 12X or a 30X–depending on what potency you want. A 6X would have to be taken more often as it’s a lower potency–in a chronic case, two to four times a day; whereas, a 12X would be taken once or twice a day and a 30X as needed–one dose may be enough, depending on what’s wrong.

Now label your bottle (Pepsi 6X) and store in the refrigerator. A sip is a dose. Before each dose, succuss 10 times. When the bottle gets low (when 90% is gone), fill it back up half way with water, succuss 40 times and now you’ll have a 7X; then, resume as before.

If you’re trying to make your remedy from something more solid, like for example, if you want to antidote the side effects of a medicine you’re on, like Penicillin, for example. Empty a penicillin capsule into a small amount of water and let it sit until the water is thoroughly saturated with the substance. Stir the substance a few times. Now empty it into your water bottle to get the 90% water, 10% substance ratio that we talked about before. Now proceed with “potenization”, the process described above, for making a remedy out of Pepsi.

A brief note on dosing: Let’s say you’ve made a 6X. In an acute, you may have to take a swallow every 15 minutes, taking less and less often as you get better. Always succuss the bottle before dosing. If you should get worse, stop the remedy; an improvement may follow. If it does, repeat only as needed.

If you’re making this remedy for a chronic case, figure on three times a day, but be prepared to take more or less often, depending on how quickly or slowly you improve.


When your remedy bottle is no longer working, you’ll need to raise the potency. The way to do it is this:

1. Pour out 90% of your bottle.

2. Refill with bottled water half way.

3. Succuss (pound the bottle into your opposite palm) 40 times.

4. Again, for the second time, pour out 90% of the bottle.

5. Refill with water half way.

6. Succuss 40 times.

7. Repeat one more time. You will now have raised the potency by 3 degrees. It should now start working again.

Editor’s Note: Readers are advised not to start making remedies from everything listed in Paragraph 1. The procedure given in this article should be used only under special conditions when an indicated remedy is not available and that also after consulting with your homeopath.

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