Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scientists: Bacteria May Cause Atherosclerosis

Here's an interesting Science Daily article explaining how recent medical studies have determined that certain bacteria -- including bacteria from the teeth and gums -- can be a causative agent in atherosclerosis, or heart disease.

Though it is not a new hypothesis, doctors seem to be astonished at this finding.

Which is funny, to me, because nearly two years ago health journalist Angela Kaelin wrote about this very subject in a Colloidal Silver Secrets blog post , titled "Colloidal Silver, Oral Health and Heart Health." (See reprint at
this link).

She pointed out that "poor dental hygiene and bleeding gums could allow up to 700 different types of bacteria to enter the bloodstream, which, studies show, increases your risk of a heart attack regardless of how fit and healthy you are," and explaining how colloidal silver can help destroy pathogens in the mouth before they migrate through the bloodstream and to the arteries and heart.

Another article explains how colloidal silver is extremely effective against the oral bacterial that causes periodontal disease and plaque.

It's good to see the mainstream medical science publications finally catching up the natural health crowd, huh?

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