Saturday, September 25, 2010

Senate bill will imprison dietary supplement makers for ten years -- for telling you the truth!

Our good friends at just issued the following warning about Senate Bill 3767, which is designed to eliminate your access to truthful, proven information about the benefits of nutritional supplements.

The medical bureaucrats figure they can destroy the natural health community without banning a single supplement.

All they have to do is make it illegal for supplement manufacturers to tell you how their supplements benefit your health. How will they do this? By claiming supplement manufacturers are "misbranding" their products by telling you what the supplements are good for.

As you know, the FDA already considers any specific claim of healing benefits for a supplement to be "misbranding." In other words, you can't say "Vitamin C cures colds" in your advertising, or on your label claims.

But now they want to make it a crime for manufacturers to tell you about (or even link to) clinical studies demonstrating nutritional benefits from a particular supplement ingredient.

They don't want you to see these studies, or understand their relevance to any particular nutritional supplement.

Can you imagine hundreds upon hundreds of different herbs and other supplements being available to you at health food stores and on the internet, but legally you can’t be told what any of them are good for?

So when you have a particular health challenge, and you go to a nutritional supplement web site to search out a natural solution to that challenge, you find…nothing. Just photos of the supplements, and their names.

Once SB 3767 is passed, the FDA wil use it to make sure there will be n
o info about clinical research studies or even about the historical uses of a supplement ingredient from which to make an informed decision.

That’s what the medical bureaucrats are up to now. Here, from and Life Extension Foundation, is the information you need to know about putting a screeching halt to it before it gets passed:

Senate bill 3767 seeks to put dietary supplement makers

in prison for ten years -- for telling you the truth!

Beware of Senate bill 3767, the so-called Food Safety Accountability Act. This dangerous legislation, if passed, would criminalize nutritional supplement manufacturers who tell the truth about their products or link to published scientific studies describing the biological benefits of their products.

Based on language in the bill, health proponents who sell supplements could be criminalized and convicted to ten years in prison.

The Life Extension Foundation recently published an important warning piece about this, complete with some call to action items for which we need your help.

Here's what was written by William Faloon and published at LEF. I agree with every word written here and urge you to read this and take this message seriously, then do your part to oppose this new legislative tyranny that seeks to criminalize dietary supplement manufacturers.

Congress Seeks to

put Dietary Supplement Makers in Jail for Ten Years!

by William Faloon,

Pharmaceutical companies are once again interfering with your ability to access information about dietary supplements.

The Senate is debating a bill that will enable the FDA to put vitamin supplement makers in jail for ten years if they cite findings from peer-reviewed published scientific studies on the label of their dietary supplements or their web site.

The pretext for these draconian proposals is a bill titled the Food Safety Accountability Act (S. 3767).

The ostensible purpose of the bill is to punish anyone who knowingly contaminates food for sale. Since there are already strong laws to punish anyone who commits this crime, this bill serves little purpose other than enriching pharmaceutical interests.

The sinister scheme behind this bill is to exploit the public's concern about food safety. Drug companies want to convince your Senators that an overreaching law needs to be enacted to grant the FDA powers to define "food contamination" any way it chooses.

Even today, the FDA can proclaim a dietary supplement as "misbranded" even if the best science in the world is used to describe its biological effects in the body.

The concern is that the FDA will use the term "misbranded" in the same way it defines "adulterated" in order to jail dietary supplement makers as if they were selling contaminated food.

The new bill being debated in the Senate increases the penalties the FDA can use to threaten supplement makers to ten years in prison.

The big issue here is that the FDA will use this as a hammer to threaten and coerce small companies into signing crippling consent decrees that will deny consumers access to truthful non-misleading information about natural approaches to protect against age-related disease.

Please tell your two Senators to OPPOSE the Food Safety Accountability Act (S. 3767).

You can do this in a few minutes on our convenient Legislative Action Center on our Web site. Click here to take action now.

If you'd like to read the legal details about this bill, log on to the Alliance for Natural Health Web site:

Health-conscious consumers have already succeeded in preventing Congress from capitulating to the pharmaceutical industry earlier this year.

Please continue this string of victories by telling your Senators to OPPOSE this underhanded attempt (S. 3767) to grant the FDA dictatorial new powers.

Due to the short session before Congress adjourns for the election, please alert your two Senators today!

For longer life,

William Faloon

Life Extension Foundation

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