Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finland proposes suspending its H1N1 (Swine Flu) vaccine as links to increased narcolepsy in children surface; Sweden also investigating...

The news article below demonstrates another great reason to own a high-quality colloidal silver generator so you can make your own safe, natural colloidal silver for just pennies.

After all colloidal silver is one of the most powerful natural antiviral substances on the face of the earth, as many studies have demonstrated.

Vitamin D is another great choice for your winter immune-boosting arsenal. After all, clinical studies have shown that daily supplementation with Vitamin D slashes flu risk in children by a whopping 50%, and is actually far better than vaccines at stopping flu infection.

You’d think the medical establishment would be pumping out press releases telling parents to stock up on Vitamin D for the winter, and start giving it to their kids.

But no. Instead, they’re cranking up the usual fall and winter propaganda campaign, urging parents to get their kids vaccinated with the new flu vaccine – which this year contains components for two seasonal flu strains and the H1N1 “Swine Flu” strain.

Is It Wise to Have Your Kids Injected With H1N1?

Now we have the news from Finland that the Finnish National Institute for Health has proposed suspending Swine Flu vaccines, due to suspected links to narcolepsy in children.

Narcolepsy, of course, is a chronic sleep disorder characterized by excessive sleepiness and extreme fatigue. It is somewhat like another condition called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which is often thought to be triggered by Epstein-Barr viral infections.

But Narcolepsy is much more intense and often causes people to fall asleep uncontrollably at inappropriate times and inappropriate places.

My take on the whole issue is that people should avoid the flu jab like the plague, and stick with natural protocols that boost immunity and help kill viruses. There are many options, such as:

· Colloidal Silver – natural immune booster and infection fighting agent

· Vitamin D – prevents flu infection better than vaccines

· Beta-1/3,1/6-Glucan – boosts the body’s immune system by triggering macrophages

· Cat’s Claw – powerful immune-boosting herbal supplement

· Pregnenolone – boosts immunity, mood, memory, libido and reduces stress

· B-12 – plays a critical role in immune system regulation by boosting natural killer cell activity

There are many, many more safe, natural ways to boost immunity and fight infection. Those are just a few.

And over the course of this fall and winter we’ll be looking at other options you might also want to consider. After all, when governments start suspending vaccinations at the very start of the flu season, you know something is bad wrong somewhere.

It’s high time people start learning to take back their power from the medical monopoly and their toxic products, and start taking responsibility for their own health, naturally.

-- Spencer

Finland suspends H1N1 (Swine Flu) vaccine due as links to increased narcolepsy in children and adolescents surface…

The Finnish National Institute for Health (THL) proposed suspending vaccinations for H1N1 swine flu, due to suspected links to increased narcolepsy in children and adolescents, the body announced this week.

Six cases of narcolepsy, a chronic disorder causing excessive daytime sleepiness and extreme fatigue, have been reported after patients had been receiving the Pandemrix vaccine.

Six cases of narcolepsy is consistent with annual averages, reports THL, but all of these patients were affected after being vaccinated, and there are nine additional cases that have not yet been confirmed.

The precautionary measure will take effect until the actual cause of the current health issue can be established. Preliminary results of the investigation will take several months to be known, says the THL.

“A number of different reasons may be behind the observed rise in the incidence of narcolepsy: A(H1N1) infection, vaccination, a compound effect of infection and vaccination, or some other factor entirely. Infections in general are known to cause narcolepsy,” said a THL press release.

In Sweden, the Medical Products Agency started a similar investigation on Aug. 19 for the same reason. Sweden has bought 18 million doses of the vaccine, sufficient for everyone in the country to have two injections. In Europe, about 30 million people have been vaccinated, and worldwide at least 90 million.


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  1. I'm with you on this one, Spencer! Taking that toxic flu vaccine is stupid. Giving it to your kids is even more stupid. Did you see the video of that Washington Redskins cheerleader who was crippled after taking the flu vaccine?

  2. Yes, we reported on the case of Desiree Jennings, the Washington Redskins cheerleader, who was severely crippled directly after taking her annual flu shot. We also did a story on her stunning recovery in which natural solutions were used to detoxify her body and restore her health. You'll find the article here:

  3. Now I have to wonder on something. How many other vacines might have caused this in the past. I was diagnosed with the big {N} over 30 years ago. Haven't gotten a flu shot since I got out of the military years ago either. Right now I'm in the beginning stages of doing a full body detox using many alternative things. My next step is to start on the colloids. Silver, gold and a few others. I'm also on a higher dose then they will normally allow for the {N}. What benefits have I seen so far. Cut out 1/3 of my meds. I trust the medical profession about as far as I can throw a airplane.