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Alternative medicine sales soar In Britain as health freedoms eroded by European Union...

I have to disagree with one aspect of the below news article about the rapid rise in the use of alterntiave medicine by the British public.

The journalist speculates that the upturn in sales of alternative remedies "can be explained by growing official acceptance of many treatments such as acupuncture, which is available on the NHS [i.e., National Health Services]."

That of course, is pure bunk. The reasons alternative medicine sales have begun to boom in Europe over the past two years is because of one thing, and one thing only:

The European Union (of which Britain is a key player) has recently banned over 150 different nutritional supplement ingredients affecting several thousand diffferent nutritional supplement products. The ban has been an ongoing process over the past few years, and finally took effect on January 1, 2010. Of course, anytime the government starts banning things, the public tends to sit up and takes notice.

Case in point: Here in the USA, I can remember back in 1999 when the FDA made their infamous "final ruling" on colloidal silver, banning alternative medicine vendors from telling customers about it's powerful immune-boosting and infection-fighting qualities in advertising and on product labeling.

Within months of that ruling, colloidal silver -- which had been a relatively unknown nutritional supplement up to that point -- became practically a household word.

By attempting to prevent consumers of nutritional supplements from learning more about colloidal silver, the FDA did more to introduce the substance to millions upon millions of people throughout North America than all of the advertising by all of the colloidal silver vendors throughout the U.S. combined ever could have.

Now we see the same thing happening in Britain.

British citizens who previously never took an interest in natural healing are suddently becoming very interested. They instinctively know how the world works, i.e., that when the bureaucrats ban something, it must represent a significant threat to the very people the bureaucrats represent, which of course is orthodox medicine and Big Pharma.

So the British public are now in a frenzy to learn more about nutritional supplementation, now that they can see their health freedom rights being evaporated before their very eyes. But of course, the controlled press won't mention that aspect of the story.

Here's the story, from the British press:

Alternative medicine sales soar In Britain as consumers shake off cynicism

By Daily Mail Reporter

8:10 AM on 26th January 2010

Growing numbers of people are turning to alternative medicines.

Sales of alternative medicines are booming as consumers shake off their cynicism.

Analysts say the market has grown by 18 per cent in two years and is worth £213million a year.

And they predict sales will increase by 33 per cent to £282million over the next four years as more patients reject prescription drugs in favour of natural remedies.

Even relatively unknown treatments such as ayurveda - the Indian holistic system of diet, yoga, massage and herbs - are picking up in popularity.

Analysts Mintel said the rise can be explained by growing official acceptance of many treatments such as acupuncture, which is available on the NHS.

A rise in the number of patients diagnosed with depression and stress has also led to more people exploring holistic approaches in favour of potentially addictive prescription drugs.

Around 1.5million Britons bought St John's Wort last year, predominantly for depression.

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