Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Young Child Almost Dies from Swine Flu Vaccine

Here's another story about the Swine Flu vaccine nearly killing a person -- this one a young child.

The internet news is rife with stories of flu vaccine serious side effects and deaths, but very little of it is making it to the national news.

All I can say is "Think twice" and do your due diligence. Then, if you still want the vaccine, fine.

But you might want to consider an effective natural solution instead -- one that has never killed anyone in over 100 years of use.

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  1. I just read an interview with a scientist about that new viral plague that's going through Ukraine and spreading fast!!

    They say antibiotics have NO EFFECT!!!!!

    If u have weak immuns system u may die, but strong immune system u will live!!!!!!

    Since antibiotics dont work COLLODIAL SILVER WILL WORK, right???

    Thats my guess the silver kills the virus b4 it gets into lungs.

    Thats another thing, this virus goes into lungs n attacks them. causeing lungs to be damaged n not able to intake oxygen. they turn black n pool w blood, then vicitm dies. they die very fast also. says feeling bad at 1st then 2 days later dead!!!!!!!!

    I hope this dont spread here, but im sure it will be a REAL pandemic soon. my bet is this virus was created in a lab!!!!! depopulation round 2!!!!!! round 1 was h1n1 but it did a bad job. well maybe it was supposed to mutate, hmmm either way i will never take the experimental toxic h1n1 "vaccine"!!!!!!!!!!! i bet my $$$ on collodial silver, and God of course!!!!!!

    thanks for your time

  2. Hi Greg,

    Thanks for your email. We are following the situation in Ukraine carefully. Yes, very, very serious stuff.

    I agree with you; I think colloidal silver will be one of the few natural substances that will protect people. See the web site and please spread the word.