Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Despicable Muppets Video Propagandizes Children Into Taking Flu Vaccine

Sid the Science Kid Gets a Flu Shot -- The Muppets (i.e., Henson Company) teams up with Health & Human Services (HHS) to propagandize kids into getting their flu shots...

What's most despicable about this video is that it targets very young children with a message that getting the flu vaccine is hip and cool and "everybody's doing it." It’s pure propaganda. But more than that, it’s the very worst form of propaganda possible.

Kids cannot give informed consent. They're not mature enough to understand when they're being propagandized (i.e., manipulated) or when they're being given proven facts. Kids are easily swayed. They simply don't fully know the difference between opinion and fact (heck, most adults don't know the difference anymore).

And as a rule, kids have not yet learned how to think for themselves, which is to say, how to reason things through using common sense. And they certainly don't have the resources to look for opposing viewpoints so they can hear both sides of the argument -- i.e., the arguments for and against vaccines -- and make an informed decision.

Finally, kids have almost zero historical perspective. They're too young to know about the horrific number of kids over the years who have been crippled or even killed by vaccines.

So when adults purposely target children in an attempt to coerce them into getting the flu shot, they’re doing nothing short of mentally molesting them.

Note the cartoon characters in this video don't say anything like "Mind you, children, lots of experts don't believe in vaccinations. They have major concerns about injecting toxins like animal matter, squalene, aluminum, formaldahyde and other potentially harmful substances into the human blood stream -- especially into little children.”

Nope. That’s never brought up. And the kids particularly aren’t told that in some cases, little children have actually died violent and painful deaths after taking vaccines.

No, the video doesn't tell the kids anything like that at all. Nor does the video show the kids the news footage of what happened to 24 year old Desiree Jennings, a Washington Redskins cheerleader trainee who has suffered horrible and debilitating side effects after taking her annual flu shot.

Nor are the kids shown this news video of two children given vaccines who had immediate and severe adverse reactions and developed autism from them. Nor are they shown this news video of young girls who have experienced serious adverse reactions including seizures, strokes heart problems and even deaths after taking the highly touted Gardasil vaccine.

Nor are the young kids being told that vaccine makers have been granted total immunity from lawsuits.

Nor are they being told that the Health and Human Services branch of the U.S. government – which produced this video in conjunction with Henson Company – has a long history of lying to the American public about vaccine safety.

What’s more, the kids aren't being told that this same government assured Americans back in the 1950's and 60's that their mandatory childhood vaccines were safe, when in reality they were loaded with a slow-acting, cancer-causing SV-40 Monkey virus. It was soon after these vaccines were given to millions of American kids that cancer rates across the U.S. began to skyrocket.

You see, the kids targeted by this video are being taken advantage of in the most vile of ways. They are being told vaccines are fun and good and “everybody’s doing it.” They are being rounded up for the slaughter.

What to Do?

Consider getting a copy of The Authorative Guide to Vaccine Legal Exemptions (see below link), and obtain a legal vaccine exemption for your children before they make the Swine Flu vaccine mandatory for all school-age children under the guise of "protecting the public health."

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