Monday, April 13, 2009

Micro-chip that tells your doctor if you've taken your pills

The time comes when you just have to say “No!”

I’ve warned repeatedly that government bureaucrats, Big Pharma, insurance companies and others want nothing more than to micro-manage every aspect of your daily life. Modern technology allows them to do just that – if you choose to succumb to it.

Now the doctors and insurance companies want to give you pills with tiny microchips in them that allow the doctors to tell whether or not you’ve been a good little boy or girl, and have taken your pills like you were supposed to.

Of course, they will sell this notion by saying it will be a boon to elderly patients, for example, who might otherwise forget to take their meds, or who might be taking too much or too little without realizing it.

But the reality is, the insurance companies and medical bureaucrats want total control. The day will come when they will prescribe you something, whether you want it or not, and if you fail to take your government-mandated meds, you will face the loss of your government-mandated medical insurance. Or, worse yet, it will be considered a crime. After all, when the “government” is paying for your meds, you can bet they’ll figure out a way to criminalize your failure to take what you’ve been prescribed.

And don’t think I’m being overly dramatic. With the new socialist bunch we’ve got running things, who want to institute government-run medical system, I can foresee the day when individualists, Constitutionalists, patriots and others deemed to be “social miscreants” will be told to take their Soma…or else.

Brave new world? Only if we say “Yes” to it.

Meanwhile, stick with natural remedies. The more caught up you get in the allopathic medical model, the harder it is to extract yourself later. Stick with naturopathic medicine, to the extent you can. Learn how to treat yourself, nutritionally.

In the days ahead, this blog will be posting many articles on nutritional treatments, remedies and cures, so stay tuned.

-- Spencer

Microchip that tells your doctor if you’ve taken your pills

By Jo Macfarlane

Last updated at 2:35 AM on 12th April 2009

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New technology: Doctors could soon monitor whether a patient has taken medication by microchips in pills

Microchips in pills could soon allow doctors to find out whether a patient has taken their medication.

The digestible sensors, just 1mm wide, would mean GPs and surgeons could monitor patients outside the hospital or surgery.

Developers say the technology could be particularly useful for psychiatric or elderly patients who rely on a complicated regime of drugs – and are at risk if they miss a dose or take it at the wrong time.

It could also be used for the chronically ill, such as people with heart disease, to establish whether costly drugs are working or whether they are causing potentially dangerous side effects.

The sensors could even remind women to take the Pill if they forget.

The ‘intelligent’ medicine works by activating a harmless electric charge when drugs are digested by the stomach.

This charge is picked up by a sensing patch on the patients’ stomach or back, which records the time and date that the pill is digested. It also measures heart rate, motion and breathing patterns.

The information is transmitted to a patient’s mobile phone and then to the internet using wireless technology, to give a complete picture of their health and the impact of their drugs.

Doctors and carers can view this information on secure web pages or have the information sent to their mobile phones.

The silicon microchips are invisible to patients and can be added to any standard drug during the manufacturing process.

Two major drugs companies are investigating the technology, developed by US-based Proteus Biomedical. Trials are to begin in the UK within 12 months.

Professor Nick Peters, a cardiologist at Imperial College London, who is co-ordinating trials, said the technology was ‘transformative’.

‘This is all about empowering patients and their families because it measures wellness, and people can actually be tracked getting better,’ he said.

‘Psychologically speaking, that’s hugely helpful for patients and enormously reassuring for care-givers.

‘Normally patients would have to be in hospital to get this level of feedback, so the hope is that it frees up beds and saves the NHS money.’

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  1. With regard to various "chronic syndroms," instead of screwing around with this or that remedial substance, I would strongly recommend a totally RAW organic vegan diet. Try it for just one month and note the differences in both your physical and mental well-being AND the reduced size of your monthly food bill. You've got nothing to lose but your afflictions!

    Of course, ATTITUDE has everything to do with it, too. The world's Allopathic drug-pushers who claim that various "mystery syndroms" are merely psychosomatic as a cover for their "I dunno" mind-set, aren't really that far off. Because virtually ALL dis-ease is ultimately thought/emotion/belief-based!

    Also, if any so-called "healer" simply shrugs his/her shoulders and says, "Gee, I dunno," no matter how extensive the examination, then you shouldn't have to pay them a cent for their time and "expert" opinion!